PhotoArt : photovisualisations
Photovisualisations are available in an edition of 10 signed prints, each. Prizing is 300,- € for a print sized 50 × 75.3 cm (19.7 × 29.5 inch; image size). Smaller prints may be lower prized per agreement (see contact in case of interest).
Photovisualisations: because digital photography is the starting point of the process – expressly only photographs I took myself. They are stacked und pushed to surrealistic alienation. The process is guided by my own inner images that have been evoked by the subjects that seek for artistic expression: both, in writing and in imag(e)ination I aim to convey what I „see“. Both—writing poems and visualising images—are closely related. Medium of the poem is speech, i.e., something to be heard, medium of the images is digitally estranged photography, i.e., something to be seen. More often than not motifs are developed in series. Variations of color, for instance, open the subject to diverse interpretation and create additional tension. The original photograph, too, has its artistic value. In taking photographs I often follow a leitmotif, i.e., recurrent theme directing and focusing my view. Finally, both, original photographs and photovisualisations may be further developed in videos.
‘Cherry Blossoms and Iris‘, 4 versions
‘Faith 5‘
‘Waiting for some meaning‘; shown in an exhibition of 68elf: „photo con text“, during the ‚Internationale Photoszene Köln Festival‘, May 2023, 68elf-Studio in Cologne
‘Promised Rosegarden‘; shown in an exhibition of 68elf: ‘Anniversary‘ Kunsthalle Lindenthal September 2023
‘Zähmung—Verwilderung‘ (domestication—brutalization); video using fragments of the poem ‘Ablandig‘ (seaward): when fish / began / to flow in through / the windows // we had lost / long ago / the solid soil / beneath our feet‘ ‘water turned / our words adrift‘ // ‘exhaling / we searched / for our past‘ // ‘for instance / gill breathing‘ ‘thus sinking / sinking / down / to the bottom‘
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