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Vita born in 1961 in Mannheim, married, 3 children living in Pulheim near Cologne studied biology at the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg, PhD in 1986 from ZMBH (Centre of Molecular Biology Heidelberg); several papers in jounals of natural sciences 1989–2010 editor in the field of molecular biology/genetics and medicine; since 2010 Medical Writer with acromion GmbH, Frechen poet and photography-based work: publication in German and English, photovisualisations; poetry in videos affiliations: gzl; PEN Freundes- & Förderkreis member of the „Lyrik in Köln“ (lyrikinkoeln.org) editing team since March 2016 Bibliography Starting May 2015 and ongoing poems with „Lyrik in Köln“ (lyrikinkoeln.org); Videos on you tube (channel„Lyrik und Bild“, Patricia Falkenburg) Poems and fotovisualisations in anthologies, journals and online-anthologies since 2017
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